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How to get your ride packet and sign in for the ride?

Packet pickup will be held Friday, September 8th between 4:30 - 7 PM at

Mill Cyclery (500 S Main St Suite 104, Mooresville, NC 28115) for those who would like to complete the check in process and receive their packet the night before the ride.

We will also pave packet pickup on the morning of the ride (September 9th) from 6:30am-8am.

What to expect on September 8th, the day of the ride:

The Start/Finish area for the ride is on S Main Street between E Center Ave and E McLelland Ave.  This block of S Main will be closed to traffic for our ride and will be a great venue for our post-ride celebrations. 


152 S Main St, Mooresville, NC, is the approximate address for the venue.  Please park in any public parking areas in and around downtown and ride over to the start/finish area.  Most of the parking downtown is accessed off of N Church St., behind the row of Historic Buildings on N Main St. A full map of downtown parking is available here.

The 75-mile ride will be the first to roll out at 8 a.m.  The 50 and 25-mile rides will roll out at 8:30 a.m. 


Mooresville PD will escort each group north on Main Street through the traffic signals and across Oakridge Farm Highway (NC 150), where the roads open. 


Riders, PLEASE line up behind the start/finish arch 10 minutes before your ride rolls out.

The venue will be set up and open at 6:30 a.m. (152 S Main St) for riders to hang out before the ride with goodies from NY Bagels & Dunkin Donuts to eat and drink (while they last). 

What to expect during the ride:

Once you’ve begun your ride, please follow the colored arrows for your designated route:

 25 Mile Ride in Green  

 50 Mile Ride in Yellow 

 75 Mile Ride in Pink     

After the Mooresville Police escort riders across Oakridge Farm Highway (NC 150), all of the rides from there on out are on roads open to normal vehicular traffic.  FOLLOW ALL THE RULES OF THE ROAD ON THIS RIDE!  For your safety and everyone using the road, please stop at stop signs and all traffic signals along the route. 

For the 25-mile ride, there will be one rest stop with light snacks and water/Gatorade at mile 11. 

There is no restroom or port-a-john available on the 25-mile route so please use the facilities at the start/finish line before and after the ride.  This route features just under 900’ elevation gain and is a great introduction to the country roads north of Downtown Mooresville.

The 50-mile ride will have two rest stops with light snacks and water/Gatorade.  One at mile 19 and one at mile 35.  There will be a port-a-john at the mile 19 rest stop only.  This route features just under 2000’ of elevation gain and will take the rider through the town of Cleveland in Rowan County before heading south and returning to N Main St in Mooresville.

The 75-mile ride will have two rest stops with light snacks and water/Gatorade.  One at mile 19 and one at mile 63.  There will be only a port-a-john at the mile 19 rest stop.  This route features 3000’ of climbing and will take riders through Cleveland in Rowan County and continues north through the beautiful Iredell County countryside.

What to expect after the ride:

You’ve made it back after a safe and fun ride; congratulations!  At the Venue, we will have sandwiches from Food Lion and Pizza from Alino Pizzeria!  In addition to water and electrolyte drinks, Ghostface Brewing will be on hand to serve delicious beer brewed right in downtown Mooresville.


All food and Beer are complimentary for riders!

While you relax and recover, enjoy the sounds of Driftwood Duo live in the venue.  Tents, tables, and chairs will help you shade and relax as you recount the triumphs of the ride. 

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